2012/755 Visit by Dr John Taylor to Tasmania
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2012/755 Visit by Dr John Taylor to Tasmania


By David Mitchell



There is currently no research on triploidy in Atlantic Salmon being carried out in Australia, For Tasmanian growers, triploids are one of the poorer performing stock types but a necessary part of the strategy for producing the right sized harvest fish all year round. The growers hoped to achieve improved performance and quality of triploids through to harvest –faster growth, higher quality, lower deformities, higher survival, possibly enhanced breeding.


Dr John Taylor from the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling in the UK was invited to visit Tasmania to share his wealth of experience in the environmental control of fish physiology and nutritional regulation of deformity. His research is industry driven and practically orientated to ensure outputs are timely, current and with the highest industrial application and impact.


Dr Taylor spent a week visiting marine sites and hatcheries where he presented a review of results from a variety of studies over the last few years, many of which are as yet unpublished. This has resulted in early access to research findings. In addition the question and answer sessions with staff were very wide ranging and gave the companies an overview of recent results of trials concerning improved salmon and trout production.