2008/779 Omnibus consumer research findings - wave 2
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2008/779 Omnibus consumer research findings - wave 2

By Dr Nick Danenberg and Dr Simone Mueller


This report documents the findings of a national survey conducted from late December 2011 with the bulk of responses collected through mid- to late January 2011. The survey was administered to 3,629 people between the ages of 18 and 70 via the internet, with respondents randomly selected from an online panel provider, ORU.


Respondents were selected so that the demographic profile of respondents broadly matched that of the Australian population in terms of state location and age. The criteria for inclusion was that the respondent was responsible (or shared the responsibility) for their household grocery purchases and that they had eaten some seafood in the past 6 months.


Industry sectors detailed in this report includes mussels, prawns and oysters.