The South Australian Research and Development Institute

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) is a world class research and development institute delivering innovation to enhance the food, fibre and bioscience industries and living environmental systems in southern Australia.

SARDI pursues excellence through highly skilled scientists, post-graduate students and technicians supported by state-of-the-art advanced research facilities.

There are two departments in SARDI that are contributing research and development to the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre.

SARDI Aquatic Sciences leads and conducts scientific research in the fields of marine ecology, inland waters ecology, wild fisheries and aquaculture to support the sustainable utilisation of aquatic living resources.

The SARDI Food Safety Research Program is also involved and this department was developed in recognition of the increasing need for the application of transparent, scientifically objective risk assessment approaches to underpin the achievement of objectives of new public health legislation and market access health criteria.

Innovative research that is conducted at this department include public health epidemiology, veterinary public health, statistical analysis, toxicology, predictive microbiology, risk modelling, chemical engineering, food microbiology, bioactive assessment and risk communications.


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